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Literally, my dream home:

I’ve been stalking this house since I’ve seen it via Tumblr a couple days back. 

The Bethesda, Maryland NaCl House has a Tetris-like white exterior that resembles a natural formation of mineral rock salt, hence its name. You remember the periodic table, right? NaCl is the chemical formula for rock salt. Designed by David Jameson Architect Inc., the house isn’t your typically laid out home that’s horizontally stacked.

The white exterior contrasts nicely with the natural landscape that surrounds the home.

The interior features white walls and light wood floors, along with a mostly neutral color palette for the furnishings. The double-height ceiling in the central living room creates an open and airy vibe. Large windows throughout frame the views of the home’s half-acre site.

I hope I can buy this house one day. I really do. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of!!!!

Photos by Paul Warchol Photography.

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Street Art by Fin Dac & Angelina Christina

Murals by the collaboration of Cork City, Ireland based street artist Fin Dac and Venice, California based artist Angelina Christina.

I love when I’m walking down the street and I can’t help but stop for a second and admire the creativity and effort.

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Artist Rob Gonsalves was born in Toronto, Canada in 1959. During his childhood, he developed an interest in drawing from imagination using various media.  By age twelve, his awareness of architecture grew as he learned perspective techniques and began to do his first paintings and renderings of imagined buildings.

that looks like realismo magico but canada is of course not south america

I really enjoy illusion art